Dance is so much
more than technique:

About Purple Tutu Academy Learn to Dance Studio based in Sydney

it’s belonging,
it’s dedication,
it’s family.

It’s belonging, it’s dedication, it’s family.

As soon as you walk in the door, you will be embraced and welcomed as one of our own. We genuinely care about you and your child. We respect who you are and what your story is, and we will always go above and beyond to get to know who you are and how we can achieve your individual goals. In our family, you will be seen, valued and appreciated.

At our Academy, we don’t play favourites, as every child deserves their turn in the spotlight.

Each student is personally nurtured and encouraged to reach their individual goals and potential in and out of the studio. Our small classes establish a safe sanctuary where each personality is celebrated and strong friendships are formed for life. We encourage students to make mistakes, to take risks, and to believe in themselves as only in a superbly supportive environment can you truly grow as a person.

Our biggest priority is making sure Purple Tutus is a beautiful space to grow up in!

Come on in. The music is up. Have fun. We’ve got the highlight of your week awaiting!

"When I grew up, my dance studio was my second home and all of my teachers became like family. So, I knew I wanted to create the same family environment with my studio because what they taught me was so much more than just technique. With them: Dance was just the beginning…"

I am mostly known for my infamous role dancing alongside a certain clown on Dancing With The Stars, however, I’ve been dancing for longer than I would like to admit and first walked into a dancing studio when I was three – purely because my mum no longer wanted to hear my tantrums when my sister got to wear the ugly blue leotard and pretty pink slippers. I was the youngest in the class, the least graceful, the least talented… I think my nan compared me to an elephant trying to tip-toe through a forest… but I loved it and to this day, there is not a place in the world I would rather be than in a dancing studio…

I’m a small-town Novocastrian dancer and dreamer who is a hopeless romantic believing in happily ever after. I am a wife and mum to a gorgeous little boy and a very mischievous black Labrador.

I’m obsessed with Sinatra, cheese, crossword puzzles and puppies and I believe all the world’s problems can be solved by a combination of coffee, wine and ice-cream (not necessarily in that order).

People often refer to me as the most patient person on the planet, however, I think that patience, persistence and perspiration make an unbeatable combination for success. I like to think that I provide so much more than just dancing lessons and it is my mission in life to remove the words “I can’t dance” and “I have two left feet” because I honestly believe “if you can walk, you can dance!”

3 surprising things you
might not know about me:

  1. I’m a self-confessed math nerd and actually have a Bachelor in Mathematics

  2. I would love to learn Italian and spend a month in Italy eating as much spaghetti bolognese as possible

  3. I have an innate fascination with true crime on Netflix