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junior ballet academy

Welcome to our Junior Academy of the Purple Tutu Academy, where your child is exposed to more challenging concepts whilst being empowered to follow their dreams – whatever they may be.

We believe in creating more than just beautiful dancers, we create beautiful humans.
Each student is personally nurtured and encouraged to reach their individual goals and potential in and out of the studio.

We encourage students to make mistakes, to take risks and to believe in themselves as only in a superbly supportive environment can you truly grow as a person.

We realise one size does not fit all and pride ourselves on empowering our students to explore their own unique talent and individual goals.

We are dedicated to teaching students the skills to take control of their own learning and development, to trust their instincts and to improve their confidence to step out of their comfort zone.

class types


Ballet is at the heart of all dance styles and provides a strong foundation for all students to grow and learn from. It is a world full of jumping, stretching and spinning which teaches strength, discipline, grace and poise.

Jazz/Funk/Hip Hop (JFH)

This is a high energy class that uses a stylised combination of jazz, funk and hip hop. It infuses the latest popular dance hit songs with age appropriate commercial jazz routines.

It is a popular and versatile style that not only develops strong technical dancers but boosts students’ creativity, confidence, strength, flexibility and memorisation skills.


Definitely one for those kids who want to be heard in the world!

A toe-tapping class that is full of exciting rhythms and intricate musical patterns.
This class is loud, fun and exciting with an emphasis on musicality, exploring rhythms and improving coordination and style.


Contemporary dance is very interpretive in its choreography and often focuses on emotions and storytelling and is often performed barefoot.

While built on balletic foundations, the freedom of movement and creative outlet makes contemporary the perfect style for those wanting a bit more relaxation from the strict structure of ballet.

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Jessica Prince Junior Dance Academy Exams


Examinations and assessments are not compulsory but provide an important goal for students to work towards and a sense of achievement.

We find that children who participate in examinations gain confidence and learn important life skills such as learning to concentrate in an examination environment which assists with their school examinations and other similar situations.

Exams provide students with an important and achievable goal to work towards and by achieving those goals we often see a remarkable boost in self-confidence.

We offer exams for both ballet and tap. These are usually held in October/November each year.


The opportunity to perform on stage is an
exciting, empowering and confidence
building part of learning to dance. Recitals
are a wonderful opportunity for students to
showcase their skills in a professionally
run production.

We love celebrating our student’s every move, whether it be in the right direction or not, it doesn’t matter as long as they have a smile on their face!

Recitals are about so much more than just performing on a stage – it’s the trust and friendships they build, the sense of pride they have when they finish their routine and the confidence and self-esteem they build when immersed in the world of performance.

We offer two recitals each year, both are completely optional and not compulsory however we do strongly encourage participation.

Our End of Year Showcase is undoubtedly the highlight of our year.

Students love performing in a professional theatre with amazing costumes, lighting and special effects. It is such a rewarding experience for both students and families and one not to be missed!

Jessica Prince Junior Dance Academy Recitals






For information about full location
addresses, click here to read our FAQs.

happy little dancers

happy little dancers

frequently asked questions

We have three studio locations :

BOTANY: St Matt’s Anglican Church, 1331 Botany Road, Botany

BANKSMEADOW: BanksMeadow Public School, Corner of Trevelyan and
Wiggins Street, Botany

EASTLAKES: 6 Westcott Street, Eastlakes


We offer ballet, tap, JFH (jazz/funk/hip-hop) and contemporary classes. We also offer exams for ballet and tap.

No experience is necessary to join any of The Academy’s classes. The only requirement is the desire to dance and have fun!

We currently don’t offer trial classes however, we do have a 30 day money guarantee. We believe that one class is not enough time for our new students to fully immerse themselves in our program, get to know their teachers and experience our dancing family. As such, we offer a 30 day money back guarantee. If after 30 days from the date of your first class you would like to discontinue, we will refund you – no questions asked.

Prices for the Academy classes vary in nature depending on how many classes you participate in each week. Please contact us and we can give you an exact quote for the classes you are interested in.

We are also Active and Creative Kids Providers so you can use any of your vouchers throughout the year, saving you potentially $300!

You can access our full timetable at:

Yes! If your child misses a class for any reason they are welcome to schedule a make-up lesson in an appropriate and equivalent class to the one that was missed. These are of course subject to availability. To schedule a make up class just contact us at

We actually have TWO recitals!

We hold an informal performance at the end of term 2 – this has no costumes and is a great opportunity for students to show family and friends what they have been learning in a relaxed atmosphere.

Our formal recital is held in October/November. This is performed in an actual theatre with costumes and professional lighting. This recital goes for no longer than one hour.
These performances are not compulsory and students are welcome to attend our classes without participating in either recital.

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